Aspire Pediatric Therapy's Philosophy & Treatment Approach


At Aspire, our treatment is child-centered:

  • Individualized treatment plans are established based on each child's needs.  Our therapist's consider each child's unique strengths, challenges, and interests along with family goals.

  • Play-based therapeutic interventions are provided in a fun, positive environment so children feel confident and free to explore, learn, and develop new skills and improve their abilities.

  • A "just-right" challenge is emphasized utilizing play-based interventions in order to instill motivation, develop skills for independence, and foster confidence for long term success. 

  • To provide family-focused, play-based occupational, speech, & feeding therapy services incorporating neuro-developmental, sensory integrative, cognitive, and developmental based interventions.​

At Aspire, our treatment is family-focused:

  • Families are considered an integral part of the team.

  • Our therapists provide ongoing family education and coaching throughout your child's care to facilitate successful carryover to home and the community.

  •  Our goal is to ensure that families understand what their child's strengths and challenges are, understand the "why" a child is having these challenges, and  understand the purpose and goals of the therapeutic interventions being provided. 

  • Our clinics and staff foster a supportive environment where families can voice concerns and ask questions about their child's development and abilities.

At Aspire, ​our team is made up caring, dedicated occupational therapists and speech language pathologists:

  • The clinicians at Aspire maintain a consistent schedule.  This practice model of providing a consistent therapist allows you and your child to develop a rapport and therapeutic relationship that fosters successful outcomes.

  • Our therapists are licensed and board certified in their respective fields. 

  • Our therapists participate in ongoing specialized training and education in their related fields specific to pediatrics to continually enhance their skills and knowledge with up to date, evidence based practices.

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