Our mission at Aspire Pediatric Therapy is to provide exceptional child-driven, family-focused occupational, speech language and feeding therapy in a caring, fun, supportive environment so each child gains confidence with success. Our core belief is that every child has great potential and deserves the opportunity to realize that potential.


 - Fred Rogers

It's through love, laughter, and play that children ASPIRE and achieve great things!

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”


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Children with the following challenges may benefit from Aspire's Services:

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder
Sensory Processing Disorders
Down's Syndrome
Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Feeding Difficulties & Dysfunction
Expressive & Receptive Language Disorders
Cerebral Palsy
Genetic & Chromosomal Disorders

Neurologic Diagnoses

Phonological Disorders

Articulation & Social Communication Difficulties
​Hemiplegia, Stroke, & Brain Injury

Spina Bifida

Muscular Dystrophy
Visual Motor & Visual Perceptual Difficulties
Augmentative Communication Needs

Failure to Thrive
Developmental Delay

Developmental Difficulties with Foreign Adoptions

Prenatal Exposure to Drug & Alcohol Abuse

​ADHD, OCD, & Anxiety