At Aspire Pediatric Therapy we help make the

difference between success and

​failure, understanding and

​confusion, hope and despair,

for our family.




Aspire Pediatric Therapy

Our mission at Aspire Pediatric Therapy is to provide exceptional child-driven, family-focused occupational, speech language and feeding therapy in a caring, fun, supportive environment. Our play-based therapy services incorporate neuro-developmental, sensory integrative, and developmental based interventions.

Our core belief is that every child has great potential and deserves the opportunity to reach it. Our goal is to help children develop their abilities, gain confidence with every success, and live the life they are capable of living.


Occupational Therapy

Aspire’s occupational therapists provide evaluation and skilled treatment in our state-of- the-art sensory motor gyms to improve a child’s abilities and independence in many areas.

Speech Therapy

Aspire’s speech language pathologists provide intervention strategies and consultation for children.

Feeding Therapy

Aspire’s Feeding Program is founded on a child-driven, play-based treatment philosophy enabling children to feel safe to explore, develop skills, and build confidence to become life-long successful eaters.

It’s through love, laughter,

and play that children ASPIRE

and achieve great things!